Mussina school day for Chelsea also buy Massey already signed partner

Mourinho from Chelsea after class, some time has passed, and now Chelsea have under Hiddink's leadership, began to settle down, but Mike Mussina set off waves in the British media have gradually subsided down. However, today the Italian media, "slow motion" exposed in this message still people marvel: the original, Mourinho in class that morning, just finalized the Paris Saint-Germain striker Ravitch transfer, this time from his Abu was fired only a few hours.

Italian media has disclosed details of the deal, said Mourinho talks for Ravitch began very early, according to the original plan after the morning negotiated the deal, had less than 24 hours, Ravitch He will fly straight to London to discuss the details of individual contracts with Chelsea, and visit and become familiar with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge and Cobham training base.

Ravitch and Lionel Messi have a good relationship and a good relationship with Ravitch

However, in the afternoon, Mourinho was Chelsea fired, Ravitch transaction becomes very important, so the deal since it ran aground. Soon after, Paris Saint-Germain to Ravitch found other homes, coach Blanco just stand yesterday, he was very happy to sell Ravitch, Inter Milan, Ravitch and Chelsea hand seems a distant dream .

Ravitch is a partner in the national team and Messi, before "the daily sports newspaper" has revealed that Messi appreciate him, and even Mascherano a lobbying him and hope he can join Barcelona.

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