Juventus Serie Liansha horizontal trip! Fierce than Real Madrid Barcelona Inter withstand it all


Early this season, Juve hit the worst start in 45 years, in the summer after the big shake their status worrying, but now the Bianconeri already on the right track, the team plans to build the core team are Boge Ba and He became the team's foundation. Juventus now has risen to eight in a row with a wave of the standings 4th from the top three points shy of Inter Milan, this wave-game winning streak this season, even Real Madrid Barcelona have so far not reached.

This knife is already sharp Wenfeng line break most rely on, and in the last month after Juventus took the best player award, Argentina 廷妖锋 in the game still roam. The first eight minutes, he was in the penalty area before the completion of a grain free kick, but the last time Juve players direct free kick to break dates back to last April's game against Torino. At the end of the first half to a close, is , he found Bonucci inside the restricted area in the free kick left out, and assists the latter header score. In 13 starts this season in the league, Di Bala 8 goals, 4 assists and 12 goals made mad. While a central figure in the Boge Ba were subsequently sent assists, helping the team seal the victory.

Di Bala game-high 9.5 points Di Bala game-high 9.5 points
In whoscored scoring system, Diba La undoubtedly the best audience, the game he made a total of 1 goal 1 assists three times exceeded 300 times the threat passes and 3-foot shot, his dazzling performance in the points Juve championship triumph key. Juve in the league has made eight straight, Real Madrid and Barcelona this season, have not had such a long winning streak record, from the top of the Inter're just a ball gap. The next two games Juve will face Sampdoria and Udinese, Juventus will have reason to believe that winning streak extended to 10 games, but in the meantime Inter have the slightest mishap, maybe it will be occupied overtake Juve top .

 Covering the whole running of the running coverage of the audience

Diba La pass and actions Diba La pass and actions

In addition to 8-0, Juventus also made in 1500 Serie A victory is the victory of all Serie A teams in screening the most. In the 35th minute, Buffon on behalf of Juventus playing time also broke the 50,000 minutes, becoming the largest in history Juventus players playing time, recently exposed Buffon in 2013 the club had refused to pay him three times out of voluntary and renew the team, who are still loyal veteran Juventus banner.

Juventus can be said has been completely out of the throes of the early season, a stable lineup reasonable age structure, let go of Carlos Tevez, Vidal and Pirlo three core, spend heavily cited Rudibala other players, you can see the reconstruction and Juventus Transformation determination and resolute, the club is also really bet on.

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