Cana! Premier League Manchester United 30 million to dig failure demon front was hit Van Gaal

Manchester United were not good, coach Louis van Gaal has been hoping to introduce reinforcements in the winter transfer window to help themselves to reverse the trend. The news from the "Daily Mirror", the Manchester United deal in Van Gaal's number one goal Buying horse failed, this is a big blow for the Red Devils and Van Gaal's winter signings planned.

Within the 23-year old Ma outstanding performance this season, on behalf of Southampton played 20 Premier League games, he scored three goals, in addition to 6 assists. Manet powerful physique, either as a center, you can do a winger. This is in line with Van Gaal signings requirements, if Ma Neijia League to Manchester United's attack line can bring more impact. Van Gaal has been to him as a winter window number one goal, Manchester United are even willing to come up with 30 million pounds for his huge transfer fee, but now the deal failed.

"Daily Mirror" of the latest news, Manchester United Southampton refused contact with the horse on the inside, Southampton has told Manchester United Manet not for sale, he will stay with the team at least until the end of the season. This is undoubtedly a big blow for Manchester United. "Mirror," said, in addition to Manchester United, Chelsea and Bayern Munich are also concerned about the inner horse, summer will certainly be more intense competition. More importantly, if you can not join in the winter window inside the horse, then the current plight of Manchester United, help was not so big.

But taking into account the distance winter window closed some time, so do not rule out the deal is still possible turnaround. "Mirror" fan survey that 60% of fans think within the horse will join Manchester United in the winter, enough to illustrate this point. It is reported that Ma within himself for his situation was very relaxed, he was in no hurry to move in the winter, he is willing to wait until the summer before making a decision.

It is worth mentioning that Manchester United is not the only team wants to lure them away Southampton frustrated. "Mirror," said the Arsenal midfielder Wan favorite Southampton Amazon is also seen as not for sale, and if he chose to leave the club this summer, Southampton's asking price will not be less than 2,000 pounds.

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