Owen: Neymar has the world's second hard for me to star in the contemporary

Owen Box coming! Former England striker Michael - Owen, in Sina "the most trump card" section of the video column, now time to send. This issue of the video interview, Owen talked about the Golden Globes, when Manchester United play the European Cup and other hot topics, unequivocally expressed their views.

Sina Sports: you were playing times, contending type striker, Ronaldo, Inzaghi, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Raul, Vieri and so on, now, football striker type no longer seems so much, how do you think this change?

Owen: I think football is always changing, different players and positions in style and function will change. When I play, defender are big burly type, much stronger than it is now. Look at Europe now teams such as Barcelona, ​​the players are mostly small and flexible type. This reflects a change in the overall style of football. My era popular speed-type forward, but is now more common to use a body type center, they can better complete care of the ball, diving and physical confrontation. I think the players change the type of change is just one part of the team, if I was born in this day and age now it may be difficult to become top players. But football is always changing, and perhaps one day the two strikers formation into the mainstream instead.

Sina Sports: on the competitive level is concerned, do you think now of football is high, or that time you were high?

Owen: This question is difficult to answer, because everything is constantly changing, which includes training equipment, training methods and other aspects. These changes will make the development of football in the right direction. So looking back at the past of those superstars, they can achieve the same height now, I think the answer is probably no. Similarly, the superstar players now placed on these years of the game, perhaps different results. It's really hard to put different players together for comparison.

I prefer to say that we have a very strong team and we have at the time of the year the best group of players, this scene has been a long time no longer appear before. (And now) Messi and C Lo Brilliant Stars, Neymar and Suarez hold a candle, they are the strongest golden generation. Does anyone know a few years later what kind of player will become iconic figure. I think we live in the best of times in football, but the direction of development of football is difficult to predict, we are unable to comparing past and future.

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