Manchester City exposed ho 100 million purchase of Chelsea King PK force to help Real Madrid Manchester United two coffee

Azar has recently become a star of the transfer market, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain and other clubs are fighting for him, and now, even Manchester City also joined the battle for his being. According to "The Sun", other media confirmed that Manchester City will dig Chelsea Howe Azar.

Manchester City in recent years has been committed to become the top giants in the past eight years, they spend about 1 billion pounds of money, to build a team. Today, they are determined for the team and added a big star - Adjara. "The Sun", Manchester City have confirmed the message you want to buy Adjara. At the same time, they believe that the battle for Manchester City in Adjara, has a large natural good, that is, the array has two Belgium Manchester City players - within and Compagni, both human and Azar Seoul is a team-mate, they will act as lobbyists, to help Manchester City invite Azar.

Just last week, "Daily Mail" said Azar intends to leave Chelsea in the summer, in this case, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain and other Tyrant grade team, immediately brainer, they are fighting for Afghanistan bazar. While Manchester City have just been discovered also grab Adjara, but taking into account the internal , Kompany, who will force to help Manchester City to recruit the Chelsea star, which means Blue Moon in this battle, there is a natural good.

"The Sun" said Azar worth about 80 million pounds or so (about 106 million euros), but such a sum fee, and can not be bothered to Manchester City, to know that in last summer, Manchester City is within Debu Lao Howard punched it 58 million pounds (80 million euros) transfer fee. If the Blue Moon as in the Premiership proved their Azar punched more transfer fee, which is consistent with reason.

Last season, Azar did a great job at Chelsea, he played 52 times for Chelsea, scoring as many as 19 balls. The Belgian star, also took the Premiership last season, won the best player award. Azar was the poor state of the season, he suffered a shortage of 2,289 minutes ball also caught in "Mussina traitor," the negative rumors. Under a variety of factors, but also makes the possibility of Adjara had to leave Chelsea.

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