Kaka: AC Milan, Juventus determined to learn the team to return to the peak!

Time this morning, the former AC Milan star Kaka as guests of honor attended the 2015 Golden Globe awards ceremony, Kaka also the scene to accept the "Sky Sports" interview. As a former Rossoneri headed star, Kaka determine his old club can return to the peak, but they first need to learn from the experience of some of Juventus.

Although last summer, Howard hit 90 million euros Berlusconi, but the team's performance is still no improvement, this Kaka said:. "Since I have now is not Milan, so I can not say the team where there is a problem" "AC Milan is going through a cycle of a negative, but I'm sure Milan can return to the top. "Kaka added.

Finally, Kaka gives his own advice, he said Juventus is a good learning goals. "Juventus is an example, they turn from Serie B into the Champions League final. I know it is difficult to learn the same country of the same team, but sometimes that's what you have to do."

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