Wenger: Messi next opponent is Neymar, Ozil golden goal win next year

Golden Globes 2015 annual results were announced, the Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi Not surprisingly, the award-winning. Recently, Wenger talked about the Golden Globes topic, he said, Macy's Golden Globes next few years will be Neymar opponents. Meanwhile, Wenger Ozil hope to win the Golden Globe in the next year.

Wenger this interview occurred before the Golden Globes results were announced, he said:?. "I am the opponents who will win this year's Golden Globe awards, you know, I also know that it would be Messi's Barcelona won everything, you can give this award but had only one of a player. When you select a Ming Basa player, he is certainly Messi. "

Although Wenger is not supported by the Golden Globes, but he still hopes love will be able Ozil champion in next year, he said:?. "Ozil likely to win the Golden Globe do next year I hope so but I told you, I not a big fan of the Golden Globes. We are a team sport, too much emphasis on individual influence is not logical. This is football and there are contradictions. "

Over the past eight years, the Golden Globes are Messi and C Luo two monopolies, but Wenger believes that Neymar in the future will be able to compete for the Golden Globes. Wenger said: "Neymar has begun to emerge, he will be Macy future competitors." It is worth mentioning that the 2015 annual Golden Globe Award, Neymar final ranking came in third.

Wenger also talked about the Sanchez's injury, Wenger said:. "Now talk about Sanchez's injury is still too early, he might fit playing in this weekend's game, he is always keen to play, he has been close to back, if you see his training situation, you will know that he is very close to a comeback. "Beijing Thursday morning, Arsenal against Liverpool, according to Wenger saying, Sanchez will not be back in that game . When this weekend against Stoke City, Sanchez is likely to return.

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