Mendes shot! Packaging operating +1 ace Mike Mussina players to join Manchester United


Mourinho from Chelsea after class, his next stop has been the focus of attention. Earlier news that coach Jose Mourinho hopes Manchester United. A few days ago, "Sky Sports" well-known transfer experts, also serves as a broker Dumas economic Austria revealed that Mourinho's agent, Mike Mussina is in operation and the Portuguese international Andrea - Gomez together this summer to join Manchester United.

Mourinho's agent is Mendes, he said he was the first broker football, I'm afraid no one can refute. The chiefs, in football has a big influence, often he was able to put on some amazing transfer case. For example, C Ronaldo, Falcao, Mary and other players are operating under his transfers between the wealthy. Today, according to Dumas economic Austria revealed Mourinho Mendes is looking for a new home under, their goal is the Manchester United, the broker intends level predators operating Mourinho took over Manchester United this summer.

Manchester United now poor record at the same time, the Red Devils style of play is also extremely boring, mind, many Manchester United fans are hoping Louis van Gaal able class. It was Manchester United coaching possible, it also makes space Mendes has operations. Prior to the "Mirror" has revealed that Mourinho himself is very eager to coach Manchester United, to this end, Mourinho even willing to take a pay cut to £ 6,000,000 (salary), to know that he had at Chelsea's annual salary of up to 12 million pounds.

Of course, Van Gaal Manchester United today's situation, he is also very likely ahead of the class, perhaps Mendes would like to see this situation, because in that case, he will be able to advance into the operating Mourinho took over Manchester United. Mussina had just returned from Chelsea next class, has said publicly that he is willing to immediately return to coach. Zinedine Zidane at Real Madrid next season now being occupied by inviting the next Manchester City Guardiola, Greater Paris want to Blanco's contract situation, the White Manchester United may be the best choice for Jose Mourinho.

Mendes Mendes functioning operating Gomez Gomez went to Manchester United

Of course, do not just put Mendes goal Mussina operating to Manchester United, he wants to Andre's players - Gomez also operating to Manchester United this summer. Gomez is currently the Spanish club Valencia, he is now only 22 years old, but he will be selected for the Portuguese national team in 2014. Functional attacking midfielder, he would have been last season in Valencia occupy the main position. There is no doubt that such a player, of course, can be called stars of the future. Today, Manchester United midfielder lack of creativity, but also can compensate for the introduction of Gomez Manchester United this short board.

Operating Gomez Mendez went to Manchester United, which is good news for the Red Devils, it can be that they still have to face no small competition. Dumas economic Austria also revealed that Juventus are currently competing Gomez.

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