AC Milan acquisition of Chinese power? Jingxian giant 2! Berlusconi fly China talks

Thai businessmen Mr.bee acquire stakes in AC Milan has been dragged now, before the Italian media in recent days there is news that it will be settled. The Italian media have exposed the Chinese companies Huawei and Alibaba also participating.

Thai businessman nearly € 500 million transaction to acquire 48% stake in Milan began negotiations last year, the first news that around September 30 to complete the acquisition, but Thai people to raise money on the grounds, first dragged in November, and then drag to Christmas, from Christmas and again postponed to January. And now Italian media released news that Mr.bee will complete the acquisition within two weeks.

According to "24 hours Sun" reported that President Berlusconi AC Milan tomorrow to Shenzhen in China to negotiate, within two weeks of Thailand will complete the wealthy to raise funds, and allegedly have a new Chinese investors to join.

"Italian football" reported the news that just investments of Chinese enterprises in Guangzhou Hengda club AC Milan in Alibaba and Huawei will become a new partner of Note employers, Chinese capital might truly become part of the AC Milan shares.

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