Tactical classic! Taking a warm Geck Lapu fight fierce cross-point kick bane

Liverpool play Arsenal away before, Wenger praised Klopp is a great coach, but Klopp is praised as one of the world's strongest coach Arsene Wenger, it is clear that this can not be before the two feed each " toxic milk "On the contrary, it is their heartfelt words, which from Arsenal against Liverpool during the game will be able to see, the two marshal at the tactical level have shown a very high attainments, their fierce fight, together for the dedication of the fans a good game.

Liverpool discharge no front front (left) Liverpool discharge no front front (left)
The game, Klopp maintaining the status quo, he no front array defeat the enemy when Chelsea and Manchester City, Liverpool after opening his men, only tentative 3,4 minutes, and then they began to speed, will pace of the game is coming to a dazzling stage. Klopp tactics resorted to his signature: gegenpressing, which uses high-strength paced around the spot to grab a high pressure press, in clamped each other while playing their own counterattack fast break. Liverpool scored the first goal, is Walcott's own penalty area before the ball was Liverpool after several players around rush off to take advantage of the Red Army's successful offensive possessions.

Arsenal was beaten badly before 13 minutes before 13 minutes Arsenal was beaten badly (on the right side Arsenal data)
13 minutes before the game, Liverpool shot three times, shot is 2 times, while Arsenal did not even even shot. Such data, enough to reflect the gunman in court disadvantage. BBC in the game the first 13 minutes, commented: "Premier League leaders a bit timid, by contrast, Liverpool are more determined, they are energetic, high-tempo football kicked out." Of course, Liverpool kicked while fast-paced soccer , there are also the focus of attack - Arsenal on the right (the focus of most of Liverpool attack time). This Arsenal side winger is Campbell, a right midfielder Ramsey, by comparison, per capita pressure on them two, which also makes the defensive side of the comparative emptiness, but Klopp is keen to discover this. So Liverpool then attack this side, once so jittery in front of Arsenal.

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