Ancelotti Rubric: C Ronaldo will be able to retake the silky how handsome Chinese Football Association


Hello everyone, I Sina Sports column in the flagship program in again on Friday and we met. This week, I was fortunate to another site to watch my favorite sport - basketball. Yes, the basketball game fantastic and exciting time Tuesday, NBA San Antonio Spurs watched the game they invited me and the Brooklyn Nets in New York, which was an amazing experience, the scene of the organization is great, the player's performance is very exciting. I know there are a lot of you hardcore NBA fan, so I want everyone to look at me in the bench behind the photographs.

Ancelotti scene photographs Ancelotti scene photographs
Real Madrid

Let us return to the world of football. Zidane has ushered in his Real Madrid debut, we all want to know how he will adapt to the team. Zidane's coaching debut can not be smooth, and five goals, the team gradually recovered the good feel for the game. In this game, Zidane was used Cross midfield, Modric and Isco and give the BBC absolute freedom, three of them free to swap positions, and destroyed the La Coruna defense. Closing down the former Real Madrid terms of doing well, the distance between the front bar is also very compact defense. Obviously, now I want to analyze tactics Zidane is still too early, but I think the players are doing to him was very satisfied. As I said when he was coach of Real Madrid, the team's tradition is a good offense, they want to be offensive football, I think this is Zidane wanted to give the fans something.

Of course, Zidane is also a need to discuss the disputed point, because this is football. Zidane need to be answered is why the starting Isco, rather than J Lo or other players. He coached Zidane's first show, he chose to let Isco starter, while Isco had been a long time did not get a chance to play law. However, I do not think J Lo will be abandoned, I am sure, in the hands of Zidane, the Colombians will have a lot of playing time. In any case, Real Madrid, a player must be able to send exquisite passing, must also be forward to become security goals, for now, the team competition is a good thing for everyone, alignment of especially inside.

All in all, I think Zidane's coaching debut no problem, to the fans left a good impression, and let the fans know, Real Madrid or that support full competitive team, but also a great opportunity to get the league and Champions League champions. Of course, Real Madrid has always been a strong contender for the championship, we look at how they will eventually be able to produce responses.


Enrique received the good news in the winter window, Vidal and Turan finally become a coaching group can rely on objects. Both players have won the opportunity to play, but also proved that, having been a long time did not participate in the competition, but they apparently can provide effective help to Barcelona. Turan this contract is great, his integration into the team's speed is amazing, it looks like he and Lionel Messi, Neymar and other teammates to very good. Undoubtedly, Turan Barca will be very important one, he can take on the responsibility of Iniesta and Rakitic, as Enrique to his expectations before that. Turan's strength is no doubt, I believe he can get a lot of playing time, because the season is long, he would have a lot of games to prove their strength.

Golden Globes

I respect the Golden Globes, but in my opinion, in the football world, individual awards can never be above the team honor, this is truly a team sport values. Even so, I still would like to take the opportunity of this column, to obtain Block 5 Golden Globe Massey congratulated this record has proved that he is already one of the best players ever. Macy's performance last season, fantastic, Barcelona Triple Crown again, his performance is decisive. There is no doubt that Messi is a genius.

I would also like to congratulate C Ronaldo and Neymar, they also named the top three candidates for the Golden Globes, the two players have enough strength to compete and Messi Golden Globe honor. I believe C Lo can again won the Golden Globe, Neymar's future will be bright. I just wanted to make a request for three of them to continue their efforts, let us continue to enjoy their performances. If you love football, whether you support is that team, you should like them.

Perrin class, how handsome Perrin class Orangemen Orangemen how handsome
Chinese soccer team

I recently learned, Perrin is no longer the head coach of Chinese men's soccer. You have a lot of people ask me, the Chinese Football Association should be invited to a high level of foreign teachers, or should believe that a better understanding of China's national football coach? To be honest, I'm not in its place, so it will not give a specific name coach. I think the Chinese Football Association should analyze past experiences and then concluded, in addition to excellent coaching resume, the most important thing is to learn and the ability to adapt to Chinese football. For new coach, the key is to adapt, rather than impose their point of view Chinese soccer body.

I also weekend five games were predicted:

1 Liverpool vs Manchester United: Both teams are not very good condition, although the Anfield stadium is a difficult play, but I'm still optimistic about Manchester United win.

Chelsea vs Everton 2: Very interesting game, Chelsea's situation has improved, but is a home game, but Everton this season, also performed well, I am optimistic about the two sides tie.

3 Manchester City vs Crystal Palace: Manchester City team lacks continuity, but they are playing at home, I like Manchester City win.

Barcelona vs Athletic Bilbao 4: Spanish Super Cup, Peabody swept over Barcelona in the first leg, but this time I am optimistic about Barca win.

5 AC Milan vs Fiorentina: Although the current situation is not good for both teams, but Milan is a home game, I like them to win, they desperately need a win.

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