Lionel Messi humiliated event more truth opponents accused spit

In the King's Cup, Messi and Spanish defender Alvaro - Gonzalez conflict, there has been more details.

Parallel with the field-cam show, Alvaro elbow in defense Messi, causing the latter very unhappy, after up, Macy spit toward the ground, and Alvaro also respond, they He began a verbal confrontation, and had later Alvaro insult Macy "sawed" situation.

"Marca" Interpretation of this matter is not conducive to Massey, the newspaper headline was: "Alvaro's elbow spat sparked Messi." The newspaper article also said, "at the foot of Macy directed Alvaro spit, and this is what the two verbal clash began."

"Marca" and "accuse" In fact there are questions, the newspaper so interpretation, misleading Massey spit at his opponent, but the video playback, the Argentine saliva is spit down on the ground (although Al Navarro's direction), it is difficult to say which is very common in football spit, or saliva against opponents.

But after that, Messi and Alvaro started the verbal sparring, "Marca" The television mouth interpretation, Alvaro said Macy is a "dwarf", while Messi answered the caller said: "You are a garbage player. " Obviously, the elbow and the subsequent war of words, let Messi and Alvaro forged a certain distance.

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