Not satisfied! Van Gaal's most self-help Manchester United to help him on his knees continued life


1 shot is complete a goal, lore Liverpool, Manchester United won! Had to sigh, Van Gaal's life is really too hard. This season, often life and death moment, Van Gaal always been able to keep his job to. He seems to have become the Premier League continued life on the spree! I do not know whether this God's law can help Netherlands coach counter-attack?

Before the game, a number of British media said Van Gaal's job is still in precarious, with the relegation zone on a Manchester United beat Newcastle became 3-3, and face them in the FA Cup League Team performance nor convincing, he still did not spend class crisis. If the field lost and Liverpool, he is likely to advance class. Even the media represents Ferguson assistant Ryan Giggs news.

But the game of life and death moment, Van Gaal will always be Happy Ending, he can always have the last laugh. The campaign, Manchester United audience was suppressed, especially the second half, the Red Devils almost pressing play, but for Degea excellent play, I am afraid that the city had already missed Manchester United. On the offensive side, Manchester United audience without any threat, but the game's turning point was the arrival of the first 77 minutes, Rooney's goal as the Red Devils made passive to take first. It is worth mentioning that this is the only time the Manchester United game shot hit the goal range, the result for the team 3 points. He said Manchester United won the game, I am afraid that his knees too. "Daily Mail" said: "Manchester United luck in this field is really very good, they get out of Anfield from success."

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