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Real Madrid's game against Sporting Gijon, a happy and sad at. The joy is that the team achieved the second victory Zidane after taking office, the worry is that there are two main players injured in the game. The campaign Welsh striker of Real Madrid Bell soleus injured again, but this time his right leg was injured. Match the first 44 minutes, he would have to leave the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium turf in advance.

Sporting Gijon, Bell again made a goal, Real Madrid lead the first seven minutes, Cross contribution takes the corner seven assists this season, Bell nodded the ball before the break. This is his first 13 league goals last season, ranking fifth in the league top scorer. Nearly three league games he scored five goals, and continuous headed goals made him the king of the recent European header.

Bell headed home Bell headed home
But before the break, in an attempt to Marcelo's cross into the goal, when Bell fell on the stadium turf - the soleus muscle of his right leg was injured. Welsh and his hands on his legs, it is extremely painful. After Valencia, Deportivo and Sporting Gijon have to score, injury interrupted state heyday of the Welsh people. "Marca" that has not been carried out in the case of a medical examination, the signs are that this is his sixth soleus muscle injury since joining Real Madrid, the soleus muscle has become the Achilles Bell heel. Zidane did not immediately make substitutions, but wait until the intermission. He let J Lo and Hersey warm-up, and ultimately, in order not to alter 4-3-3 formation, after the second half began in the French choose to replace Jesse Bell.

Real Madrid official informed that Bell "soleus muscle discomfort" on Tuesday to accept more inspections to determine the injury. Zidane after the game, he said: "Benzema was hit just a little, as Bell, his problems in the soleus muscle, we must wait for MRI results."

Bell remains optimistic after the game: "injury made me feel sad, but I will work hard to return as soon as possible in any case, this is the guy who made the victory of Real Madrid refueling.!" This season, the left leg muscles have two different stages to Bell trouble. The first time was in December 15, Shakhtar Donetsk match on his first injury, for consecutive missed six games. A month later, on the Levante match, the national team he was feeling tired, which was originally considered prudent and replaced in advance of the situation, has become a soleus injury again.

Soleus is no doubt Bell's Achilles' heel, his soleus already has 6 times wounded, but all had been injured in the left leg soleus muscle, this is the right foot. Bell in the Real Madrid first soleus muscle injury in December 2013, he was in training to be Arbeloa kicked, and to this end has missed the last two games of the year and in 2014 the first game. Less than a month after returning from injury, his soleus injured again. His third injured soleus muscle in April of this year, for missed two games. After the start of this season, his soleus and three times wounded.

"Aspen" noted the recent injuries to the muscles in good condition Bell came to a screeching halt, to know the last 10 games he scored 11 goals, in addition to four assists. His header on goal but it feels weird, header 14 times this season, he scored seven goals, that is headed scoring rate as high as 50%. Fans also recognizes that, to this end Bell has twice brought cheers. Zidane, Real Madrid coach last week staged the first show, was benched because of injury this week, Bell have received applause from the Madrid fans.

In determining the degree of injury, you can generally confirm what Bell will miss several games. Champions League to go to February 17 before the resumption of fighting in the future rounds of the league, Real Madrid's schedule is not very difficult. Next league game against Real Betis Real Madrid away, a week later, Real Madrid's home game against the Spaniards, the first 23 are away against Granada, Real Madrid against difficult opponents to wait until February 13: Athletic Bilbao to the Bernabeu to play Hall, Bell will be able to comeback.

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