Barcelona blaze a new god! The data do not lie weakest link by him to fill


Following weeks of China Wang Cup made assists, again on behalf of the new aid Vidal Barcelona starter. Against Athletic Bilbao in La Liga competition, Vidal starting as right back, the Alves pushed the bench.

Vidal Match heatmap heat Tubidaer Match
The game, Vidal not only a positive attitude, a state on the court also surprisingly good, the audience sent a total of three crosses, were created to threaten each other inside the restricted area. For Vidal, with Messi on the right and not too strong with the desire, however, Vidal is still running endlessly, looking for opportunities, and always at the right time in the most threatening place.

Vidal passing success rate of 93% Vidal passing success rate of 93%

The data do not lie, the game, Vidal's passing success rate of 93 percent, ranking first among all players in the starting lineup. In addition to supporting the team with the ball, the game Vidal also a wonderful goal. Race to the first 29 minutes, the ball restricted the right of Vidal, his subsequent shot is very threatening, touching the beam bottom line.

After the game, "the daily sports newspaper" Vidal played to a score of 8, and commented: "Vidal on the right wing dedicated to a good game, quick, smart and always ready to wing manufacture killer. He's too fast to adapt to the team, as we expect. "

Last summer, Vidal joined Barcelona from Sevilla, a fee of 22 million euros, including 4 million in variable bonus. Finally completed in January after registration, Vidal quickly come up with enough performance to conquer all the Barcelona fans, compared to Barcelona in the right back position untouchable main Alves, his younger, more dynamic.

Since the new season, nearly 33-year-old Alves state fell significantly, many a mistake, has become one of the weakest link in the Barcelona squad. If Vidal can continue such a good play, he will likely become the new starting Enrique men right back.

In the post-match press conference, a reporter's question regarding Alves threw Enrique, Enrique then explained: "? Alves did not play just a normal rotation only."

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