Real generals estranged! Rodriguez refused to warm up more than twice infuriate Zidane

Since taking office Zidane, Real Madrid down a harmony, and the momentum is good. However, Real Madrid array or several losers, Colombian star Rodriguez is one of them. According to Spanish media reports, last weekend's game with Sporting Gijon, Rodriguez twice for refusing to warm-up incensed Zidane.

This past weekend, Real Madrid at home against Sporting Gijon, which is the second game of Zidane after taking office, Rodriguez also missed the starting list for the second consecutive time. According to "Aspen" report, in that their identity bench, J Lo, as bench players like no other before a match warm-up, followed by Zidane at the request got up to the stadium. According to "Aspen" argument, which is the first day Rodriguez makes Zidane dissatisfied.

The game near the end of the first half, Bell has gone down injured, Ronaldo and Zidane requirements Jesse J warm-up ready, "Aspen" said Rodriguez lounged, slow. The second half began, the Bell replaced Zidane, but it is put Hersey. See this scene, Rodriguez is no longer warm-up, but returned to the bench and sat down. "Aspen" said Zidane repeatedly to see the warm-up area, did not see J Lo's figure, only to find that the Colombians have been sitting on the bench. This is the second time for Rodriguez Zidane unhappy, he asked J Lo was doing, while gesturing side demanded:. "Up to the warm-up"

Race to the first 59 minutes, Zidane finally Isco replaced by Rodriguez, before performing the substitutions, Zidane hand on the shoulder of the Colombian Rodriguez confidential briefings. Although the two warm-up event because heart grudges, but Zidane does not want just took office with the team in the big What irreconcilable contradictions. However, the performance of Rodriguez satisfaction after playing hard, not accidentally kicked Benzema.

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