Inter coach hit back at the other side: Discrimination against gay? He also called me a silly old goods too!

On the morning of the Italian Cup, Mancini led Inter Milan 2-0 win over the heady Naples, in the final stages of the race with the other coach Mancini Surrey conflict, saying being branded as gay, but Surrey said after the game, Mancini also scolded him, if he will be subject to additional penalties, that Mancini should also be punished.

Mancini said in an interview, said: "I was asked the fourth official, why give five minutes of stoppage time Surrey on shouting at me 'gay, get out' or something, like him a racist? It should not appear in the football field. "The Surrey also to the locker room after the game and apologized to Mancini, Mancini this may still bear a grudge.

Surrey said after the game: "I was very angry, so not sure myself what, but I've apologized to Mancini in the locker room, I do not know what I would do it just on the pitch. quarrel, after all, we are the sports world of men. "

And then, at a news conference in Surrey and further hit back at Roberto Mancini: "Now people talk about and I am sure are gay or other ugly things, next time I want to call him 'San Marino Christian Democrats' I have gay friends. so I would not have discriminatory or something. I will be subject to additional punishment it? Why would I be punished? This insulting words, just like other people often say, and Mancini also called me stupid old goods, which is Not that he is discrimination against the elderly? "

Surrey from the Tuscany region, this area is also due to special accents and rough language and famous Surrey in an interview before the show that language was considered very same style charm and personality, but this incident was provoke controversy, but anyway, Surrey has privately apologized to Mancini.

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