Mike Mussina for the Shanghai Chelsea female fans and autograph shopping alone love silk ceramics

Recently, Jose Mourinho and Mendes broker giants team arrived in Shanghai, a series of business cooperation. For immediate past Chelsea job to Mourinho, now you can stay away from the hustle and bustle of European football, to come to China to enjoy a little of this pure land vacation is also very good.

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However, where there are the fans, especially as Mourinho such famous figures in football, naturally to the city where a lot of hype.

Mourinho Mourinho Shanghai Shopping Shanghai Shopping
While Chelsea's "Mu II" era has completely ended, but apparently, Mourinho's love for the team is still endless. When coming to Shanghai a few days ago, there is an avid Chelsea female fans holding a printed Azar Chelsea No. 10 jersey, Mourinho also no mind on this shirt signed his name .

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Of course, Mike Mussina for Chinese culture seems to have a unique preference, one night when out shopping, Mourinho especially some Chinese classical charm visiting shops, silk, dress, tea and ceramics are so Mike Mussina linger.

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