100 million pounds! Arsenal of the world's first spike in the income of Real Madrid Barcelona


Arsenal's new Emirates Stadium, so that the team for a long time are burdened with a heavy financial pressure. But Arsenal's bitter day has finally passed, the Emirates Stadium for the benefits of the gunmen are emerging. According to the "Sky Sports" report, Deloitte, an accounting firm statistics show that 2014 / 15 season Arsenal match day revenue topped the first football, even higher than Real Madrid, Barcelona and tyrannical.

Match day income, in the club's revenue, usually also occupies a relatively large proportion. Therefore the level of the data, but also to measure a team's important indicators of gold absorption capacity. Today, the 2014 / 15 season football club match day income list released, the game for Arsenal last season, suction gold 1.004 billion pounds, the highest football first. And Real Madrid is ranked second, their match day income of 98 million 700 thousand pounds.

Barcelona in third place, their income of 88 million 900 thousand pounds. Manchester United to 86 million 700 thousand pounds of the game's daily income, ranked fourth in the list. Chelsea, Bayern, Paris Saint Germain, Liverpool, Manchester City, Tottenham, in fifth to 10.

Emirates stadium built, so that the Arsenal match day revenue increased significantly the Emirates stadium built, so that the increase in the daily income of the Arsenal game

It is worth mentioning is that thanks to match day income growth, the total income of the 2014 / 15 season Arsenal up to 3.3 to 13 million pounds. As a result, the Arsenal in terms of income beyond London rivals Chelsea (3.195 million pounds). The Arsenal match day income to beat the pack, ranking first place in football, which is obviously and the Emirates Stadium has a great relationship. It is because Arsene Wenger and Arsenal officials had advocated the plans for a new stadium, which also makes arsenal of fiscal revenue to achieve steady growth.

The Emirates Stadium was put into use in 2006, but at that time the Arsenal had to carry a heavy debt burden. The gunman's debt consists of two parts, one is the construction of the stadium itself and its surrounding set of around 18 million pounds, the annual repayment of about 25, years to 30 years to pay off. The second part is the reconstruction of the source Yuhaibuli debt 135 million, the debt to be repaid in 2006 -2010 four years. With the short term debt paid off, Arsenal's finances are naturally better. Wenger can finally be in the transfer market, the increase in investment to build a strong team.

DDT Football Club of the top 10 match day income (pound):

1, A Senna: the

2, Real Madrid: 98 million 700 thousand

3, Basa: 88 million 900 thousand

4, Manchester United: 86 million 700 thousand

5, Chelsea: 70 million 800 thousand

6, Bayern: 68 million 300 thousand

7, Paris Saint Germain: 59 million 300 thousand

8, Liverpool: 57 million

9, Manchester City: 43 million 400 thousand

10, Spurs: 41 million 200 thousand

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