Zhang Chengdong showdown with senior mention leave Italy has decided to retain the magistrate


Zhang Chengdong Valle Cano - sports director Felipe minam said he has decided to return to the Braves, Chinese play. Was teammates called "winger Dudu cearense" Zhang Chengdong has decided to leave the Primera Liga, because he thinks, in the season end basic will not get the chance to play the.

Note: the author Mikel Sainz de Vicuna Department of Spain "Marca" special correspondent, once in London office talkSport radio Premier League commentator, European football expert. Microblogging number: McVey 2016

Spain "Marca" the press card of Spain "Marca" special correspondent Mai Kewei

Although the Chinese players in the first landing of the Primera Liga of. However, Zhang Chengdong in struggling Primera team are basically not to the chance to play. He hope to be in local time today, or before this Friday with the club will move to leave a deal. Once the two sides reached an agreement, the Valle Cano club will hold a press conference to formally announce the departure of Zhang Chengdong.

In fact, Zhang Chengdong earlier has revealed the idea of trying to offload. However, although the coach did not comment, but Rayo sporting director Minambres is to opposition, that is to say, he is not willing to put Zhang Chengdong left the team. Later, however, Minambres changed the mind. Zhang Chengdong's willingness to express his understanding of the club, is willing to work with Zhang Chengdong to lift the loan contract. At the same time, Rayo Vallecano has Zhang Chengdong leave ready. Yesterday they from Aston Villa introduced Jose Angel - Hernan Crespo. Crespo can play both in the middle and the left back of Zhang Chengdong.

Zhang Chengdong and Valle Cano negotiations have been opened, but he still shows a good career spirit. Beijing time today 00:30 (Madrid time yesterday, 17:30), as usual, Zhang Chengdong came to the Valle Cano training base to participate in training. Today 19:30 (Madrid time 10:30), Zhang Chengdong and his teammates will also participate in Thursday's training session. After the training session, Valle Cano is likely to announce Zhang Chengdong's departure.

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