View: C Ronaldo Bell may leave Real Madrid in the summer they are still waiting to see

Real Madrid suffered a transfer ban punishment, it seems, C Ronaldo and Bell have almost unlikely to move away, but the former Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon does not think so, "C Ronaldo and Bell might leave Real Madrid this summer."

In an interview with ESPN interview, Calderon said: "I think for Bell and C Ronaldo, everything is possible intention on after this season, the two players are not clear, because they are still in the sidelines. Among want to wait and see what happens at Real Madrid. "

It is reported that Real Madrid ready to complete the contract with Bell, but Bell broker Barnett was denied. C Ronaldo's future is also confusing, including Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester United and US major league all his potential next home.

Calderon went on to say: "The world's top players can choose to go to Manchester City, Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich or Chelsea, only these teams can sign C Ronaldo and Dimitar Obviously, Manchester United are very interested in both of them. But at the same time want in a summer signing two of them will be very difficult .C Ronaldo and the Bell one is likely to go to Manchester United, which is certainly possible. "

"C Lo Real Madrid always want their individual contributions are recognized, the club needs to show enough respect for him. Since joining from Manchester United in 2009, we all know how much he paid for Madrid. In a difficult season after, Bell current situation becomes stable, and I believe he has to win back the support of the fans. He played well recently, was the only injury he needs to worry about.

"According to Real Madrid's style, will decide what happens after the summer, for coaches and players alike, C Ronaldo and Dimitar no exception .C players like Ronaldo and Dimitar certainly hope the club have a well-planned, we hope to be get comfortable and get a lot of trophies. If they have the confidence to Real Madrid, might choose to stay. Otherwise, the club will change the direction of their development once again, for a number of players, this is Real Madrid. "

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