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A live, when the atmosphere is the best? Perhaps one answer is that the team and the time to catch up. From this perspective, Arsenal 0-1 Chelsea game, perhaps one of the best games this season, Emirates Stadium atmosphere, but unfortunately, the gunmen did not sitting home advantage to complete the revenge, the fans emotions more anxiety.

And last year for the first time wearing a Chelsea shirt "return" Emirates Stadium is different, this time Fabregas almost no gain applause, as long as the Spanish midfield ball, you can hear loud and clear, though not the most but still crisp, clear boos. Last year the situation is different with the one hand, perhaps because Arsenal this field for more than half of the time in a backward, on the other hand, the first surviving teams this season, along with the warmth of the game's first battle of gunpowder Upgrade and lost.

Reporters were asked a number of fans, a British uncle said he would not boo Fabregas, on the grounds that "when he was wearing a blue shirt in play here, perhaps the heart is not happy." But the young side immediately expressed rebuttal: "? Why not boo him that asshole (C * nt)"

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The attitude of Fabregas and perhaps a little disagreement on Diego - Costa, gun fans naturally hated. The game, Costa Whenever the ball, Emirates will always have a huge boos, along with "stupid X (W * nker)" condemning. Costa manufacturing Mertesacker red card lying on the ground this is quite an exaggeration, then one is "touched on the back," but still Needless trick that has been prevalent naturally condemning boos. The second half, Hiddink replaced by Remy Costa, when the latter slow down the court with injuries, the Emirates Stadium finally broke the highest decibel boos, "W * nker" Rage has become a neat verbal abuse, and Correspondingly, the northwest corner of the Chelsea fans, the entire field has been in the same rhythm of "Hero (Hero)" in response to the home fans.

Few English fans booed their own team, but yesterday at Old Trafford Manchester United fans let people see the defection, today the Emirates Stadium fans the same gun out of anger. Mertesacker sent off, Wenger had to send another defender Gabriel general this situation will take down the frontcourt, but when the substitution card shows "12", the nearest whole East Stand issued a neat question of boos, and three minutes later, a pass in the middle of the unmanned Arsenal outflanking, "Where's f * cking Giroud!" Irony sound, just behind Wenger.

However, Wenger perhaps a bit odd at this point, he was revealed after the game a little Giroux ankle injuries, the field is on Injured After weighing. Therefore, the boos, sort of misunderstanding. However, for another a family member, the game play bad Walcott, Arsenal fans a rare out of anger: When using Chamberlain replaced him when Wenger, Wenger behind the East Stand, the first sounds turned out to be less some people "cheering" the hooting sound, though has since been more regular and pleasing to the ear of applause and replace, but rare "cheers" or rarely seen.

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