Real Madrid last season coming off the bench, he is now the main absolute worth 80 million

After three consecutive games on the bench, Real Madrid against Betis, J Lo finally got the first opportunity, this is the best chance that he crushed the rumors, but he failed to do so very convinced.

For J Lo, it is not a cheerful recently relaxed day. Around him had many rumors, such as his overweight, hang around nightclubs. He waited Zidane's appointment will enable him to get back the confidence to get more playing time. However, in the first two games after he took office, the Zidane chose to let Isco starter.

But Bell's injury or to the J Lo chance, God opens up space for the Colombians, he also needs to seize the opportunity, let Zidane trust in him. J Lo needs to prove that he has the ability to serve as Real Madrid's starting lineup. In the pre-match press conference, Zidane expressed support for J Lo, clarified the rumors generated around J Lo, but did not guarantee to J Lo starting position. Frenchman said: "We must put aside rumors that he threw himself into the competition and training, I do not believe those rumors that I think he is very focused on this week J Lo is a very good performance, and other players,... I was satisfied with his performance. He trained very hard, and we all know that he is an important player, has already done the preparation to play. "

J Lo Zidane should return to his outstanding performance on the vote of confidence vote, to prove his status increased. However, this is not easy. In fact, in the spiritual level, he did not reach the best level in the body, he did not adapt to the strong rhythm of the game. The last 12 games, J Luo played only two games a complete game, the game 80 minutes, Zidane replaced by Jesse J Lo; there are two games, he did not play; other games, he is not is bench was benched. Colombians from one of the main players reduced to a player into the rotation system. Real Madrid had to spend 80 million euros transfer fee, now J Luoken set worth the price.

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