Concede in advance! La Liga Real Madrid dressing room has abandoned all strive Champions League

According to the "national team" reported that Real Madrid dressing room has to admit defeat, they decided to give La Liga, as one specializing in the Champions League. After the 1-1 draw at Real Betis, a game behind Real Madrid Barcelona four points, the league hopeless, the Champions League is the only thing they can compete for the championship.

According to reports, Real Madrid players after the game, so the sermon: "We have lost too many points, recovering almost impossible thing." Barcelona and Sporting Gijon Ayala Once rescheduled, they may be more advantage of Real Madrid's lead up to 7 points.

After Zidane took office, Real Madrid team to conduct a dinner, with the goal to compete in the Champions League two La Liga titles, but after only two games, Zidane's first away game, Real Madrid came a cropper. Players are expected to drop points at home, or poor performance on the road, but this season they suffered too many failures.

In the last 10 matches in La Liga, Real Madrid drop points, a total of 4 times, 2 draws and 2 losses. While Barcelona was in poor condition, but the distance standings, Real Madrid is still very far away. Real Madrid dressing room is now more and more voices, requiring Zidane focus Champions League, the league and strive top two. For this reason, along with the Champions League with Rome almost, Zidane will choose holiday player. Real Madrid players will strive to win the Champions League.

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