Real Madrid announced the January transfer window signings C Ronaldo does not belong to the non-sale do not sell!


Real stricken FIFA transfer ban, but do not worry Galacticos buy winter, Real Madrid president Florentino accepted "France Football" interview, said that Real Madrid will not be signings in the winter transfer period.

Florentino said: "We will not make any January transfer window signings sum, which does not have any relation with the transfer ban, because we have the world's best players and the best coach."

"FIFA ban? It is an injury, which greatly affected the reputation of Real Madrid, we are convinced that this is completely wrong. Priority protection of minors players, this has always been our primary job, but we do this penalized, which is ridiculous. "

For C Ronaldo transfer rumors, Florentino represents C Ronaldo, Real Madrid will not sell, "I was not surprised to C Ronaldo's interest in Paris, C Ronaldo is the best player in the world, he is the leader Real Madrid. Other balls He has a dream team, this is normal, he is heir Di Stefano, he was very happy at Real Madrid, he will not leave Real Madrid. He is the world's best player, he will continue to the world's best ball team play. "

Guevara inside players on defense, Florentino given a high evaluation, "I am convinced Guevara to become captain of Real Madrid over the future of his highly fans. Not only he is a great player, but also a great person. "

About Benzema, Florentino expressed support, "We all support Benzema, we have always supported him. I had to communicate with him before, he did such a bad thing? It can not. He is a good man, this I am convinced that, all in all, his starting point is to help his friend Valbuena. "

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