Depth - Buffon is second in the world who would dare to say first?

Italian football is "old goblin" their habitat, Totti broke the record again and again and again and again in Rome to renew, Tony won the Golden Boot 38 years to return to the Apennines, Klose quit the national team after the power is still in Serie A subtract, not to mention once Di Natale, Zanetti, Maldini, who a. Like them, Buffon also almost doubt age, and born in 1978, he finally announced his retirement date, he hopes the 2018 World Cup after 40 years of age farewell football. Since its 1997 debut for the Italian national team played the game, Buffon nearly 20 years has been at the Azzurri's goal line, but you ask him what time peak period? Throughout his career in the peak period.

Goalkeeper this role with other different positions, he was in the game the only ball with his hands, and all the actions directly related to the goal position. People say that a good goalkeeper can top half teams, then Buffon is absolutely sufficient to hold up half the team's goalkeeper.

According to statistics, Gianluigi Buffon as the goalkeeper his career so far received a total of 65 honors (including personal honor and the honor society), eight Serie A titles, one European Cup champion, a World Cup champion, four times the world's best goalkeeper, 1 times Yashin Award, IFFHS Best Goalkeeper century, the 2002-03 season UEFA Most Valuable Player, 2006 silver ball award three times UEFA's best team, the best team in the second FIFA large size ...... Buffon just a small trophy of his career in microcosm.

Buffon strong in what? For this position the goalkeeper, the ability to secure a clean sheet is a good goalkeeper. We often see the best of the week fighting, fighting and other highlights of the year in all kinds of weird, approaching the limit of God flutter human response, but Buffon does not seem to appear regularly in such a medley, but no one can deny that he is Looking at one of the most outstanding goalkeepers in world football history. Capello has said, do not often rescued dangerous ball to some extent explains the ability of Buffon, the most terrible is his stability. And Lippi put it bluntly: "Buffon's team can have more than 10-15 minutes to get in the league."

On technical aspects, the goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon as all ability are outstanding. First, he's goal-line technology, attack techniques and the ability to command the defense is no doubt, either Juventus or the Italian national team, Buffon commanded defense rush phenomenon rarely occurs. Second, Buffon stations and anticipation called the top, so it will not easily lose "should not throw the ball," long-range fighting is also quite strong, so now whenever someone to take advantage of long-range goal to break Buffon regard it as a thing to boast. Good positioning and anticipation Buffon also the peak of a long, stable performance reasons, although he also often staged miraculous saves, but compared to those that the body ability to play to the limit of fighting, Buffon is still more prominent a "steady the word "and rely on is his positioning and anticipation. In addition, even Buffon rely heavily stations, can not represent his goalkeeper slower response than the other, in a variety of emergency situations, Buffon saves often respond quickly to dangerous ball.

Swift pace of instant reaction swift pace of transient response
What if there is a short board insist Buffon, Buffon flutter point is the ability of people had been criticized. After the 2003 Champions League final in a penalty shootout defeat to AC Milan, Buffon saves penalty success rate seems to have declined, but this has been proven, Buffon Throughout his career, his success rate is not flapping point less than Casillas, goalkeeper Petr Cech, etc., he said in an interview, also said: "This statement is humiliating me, I really do not want to hear these words I participated in the national team five penalty shootout. , won three times; I have saved in each World Cup and the European Cup race a penalty, I do not know how much Italy goalkeeper had this. "In addition, often injured Buffon, 2000 European Cup more. Johnny is due to the lack of war Buffon's injury, followed by his shoulders, back, waist and other parts are subject to serious injuries, often an injury for months, but as long as Buffon is healthy state, he is the goalkeeper first choice location.

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