View: Van Gaal Manchester United Red Devils poor because they can not pit the real strongman


Manchester recent poor record, and the Red Devils attack also encountered serious problems in the end Manchester United's problem lies in where? Many people think it is Van Gaal's tactical issues. Today, the former Liverpool manager Rodgers has expressed different views, he believes Manchester United's attack is not working is because Van Gaal no one is available.

Rogers said: "Van Gaal's coaching career has been going on for a long time, when in 1995 he coached at Ajax, when he built that team, so many people still are talking about their style. In point-based, but at the same time, that team also has a sharp attack. He then went to Bayern Munich, he still hit the ball, but support is still very strong Bayern's attack. "

Rogers went on to say: "Manchester United today's problems, and now the Red Devils Manchester United players concerned, as they have before that can stimulate the players to the fans do for Van Gaal, he has long been the top-level coaching show.? Level."

When asked whether he would become the Manchester United manager, Rogers replied: "If you had been a Liverpool manager, then Manchester United will not invite you to go." In Rogers view, the relationship between Liverpool and Manchester United are rivals, so he is impossible coached the Red Devils.

Rogers finally talked about this Turk and Klopp, he said, Dortmund coach Klopp as early as when, they are interested in signing this Turk. Rogers said: "I do not think Klopp Turk he would give up this year in Dortmund when they tried to sign this Turk, Turk, he knows this is a good player, he has even met Bent in Germany. g and his agent. Therefore, Klopp will continue to use this Turk in Liverpool, but he still needs some time to present Turk. "

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