Manchester City 1 Gangster Guardiola has been advanced to surrender: I'm happy for him to play

Guardiola will visit the Premiership, the news already known, but the commander of God when the world is at home exactly what a Premiership giants, but still not an official, definitive conclusion. Even if all the British media and Western media unanimously pointed caliber Manchester City, Manchester City club level but still tight-lipped, neither denied the rumor, also did not discuss the matter any occasion.

But now, Manchester City squad does have a big brother-class players, publicly released a seat speech, indirect "Welcome" Guardiola. "I'm sure, in Guardiola Shoudexia, I can be very happy to play. Of course, I am now in Pellegrini and Hodgson's men also very happy to play." Joe Hart so indicate to CNN Radio .

"Whether in the club or the England team, and I get along very harmonious between head coach, play is also very happy, very pleased to be working with them. I am very grateful they regard me as the goalkeeper position."

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