Neymar respect Guardiola wanted to effect this summer, gathered in the first Manchester City?

Barca fans is perhaps the world's most happy, because they have the world's strongest trident MSN, but this happiness behind Barcelona's management has been in the financial balance of arduous efforts. However, with the Trident three ace salary rise, wages will soon reach Barcelona UEFA's financial fair cordon. To this end, "Marca" that Barcelona may have to sell MSN trident in one person, this man? At present, the most likely Neymar.

While Neymar at Barcelona outstanding performance, but he did not completely whitewash over his body and the other team's scandal. His contract expires in 2018, but the contract extension, the Brazilian attitude has always been ambiguous. In an interview the day before yesterday, Neymar said: "I am still a member of Barcelona, ​​Barcelona fans want to be able to calm, I'm still here, and now I want to go to Barcelona teammates trying to defend but no one can predict will happen tomorrow. What future I might return to Brazil, he went to the United States might play now to talk about renewal, only to lead to more quarrels. "

Neymar is looking forward to playing in Shoudexia Guardiola Neymar is looking forward to playing in Guardiola Shoudexia

Meanwhile, in an interview with reporters Neymar other words, more appeals to the imagination, he specifically referred to Guardiola want to play: "Yes, there is such a coach, Guardiola is, I hit the bottom of my heart admire him and want to play under him. "Guardiola has personally promised to take into account will leave Bayern Premiership, Premiership Neymar possibility of a sharp increase.

Well, most likely Neymar Premiership which club it? Currently from a number of authoritative media reports, Manchester City Guardiola took basically two ways about things, and if there is in this world which club has the financial resources to introduce Nei Maer, then Manchester City behind the positive non-oil Mansour consortium must go.

Earlier, the British media has repeatedly disclosed that Manchester City are willing to Neymar out of 180 million and the 200 million euros of the price to hire Neymar embrace. If the summer or before that melon handsome officially took over Manchester City pointer, then Neymar affectionate, Manchester City interested, a financial crisis Barcelona, ​​I am afraid it is difficult to reject a lucrative contract, to the time, Brazil King put on Blue Moon war gown, it is the logical thing.

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