Depth -MSN raging behind the amazing phenomenon defensive guru demise?


Last weekend's European football there are many stories about Zhongwei: former Manchester United exploits Vidic announced his retirement, Chelsea captain John Terry will say goodbye at the end of the season the Blues. In the top of La Liga war, sitting on Europe's best defensive Atletico could not resist the raging offensive Barcelona. When one of the world best defender Godin sent off, one of the most promising young defender Jimenez one God did not stop the Soviet Union into the winning goal. MSN side is irresistible, the other side is born in the early 1980s, two well-known defender gradually fade out, is it now really is a quality defender scarcity era begin?

Excellent defender's dilemma

Currently the most expensive 10 defender currently the highest paid 10 defender
German "transfer market" website will be worth assess the players, there are currently 10 defender worth over 30 million euros. Most of these players between the ages of 27-29 years old, can say that they are in the back of this generation representatives. When people discuss the top five or top three when the world's defender, their names will be repeatedly mentioned. Even if the club is willing to invest heavily for them, but they always inevitably fall into the target of criticism in the media, and their defensive ability does not seem to get the absolute recognition and affirmation. In other words, it was recognized that these levels defender, but always feel that they can not be considered "top" of the defender.

Ramos and Pique are tied for the highest worth defender Ramos and Pique are tied for the highest worth defender
There Alamos edgy performance, Pique mind when short circuit is not too small; Otamendi has not adapt to the Premiership rhythm, his teammates Compagni there is a problem in the selected bit and grab a hold on further There are many injuries; Hummels and downs this season, because the state was once the German media collective shelling, two Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini and Bonucci is also not very complete confidence. Godin and technology is more balanced in Germany and Bayern are able to work independently Boateng considered "groove point" relatively small defender, but in people's minds off their outstanding representatives of the previous generation is still distance.

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