1000000000! Premier League can not stop throwing money crazy Super catching a century now

Winter transfer window has closed, although a few pieces of mainly wealthy signings seem so low-key, but the entire EPL 20 in this window is still spent a staggering 234 million euros (about 180 million pounds), still firmly occupy the world first position. And statistics from "The Sun" said the 15/16 season, summer and winter windows windows added the Premier League signings total investment has reached one billion pounds, a record high.

"The Sun," the statistics show that since the 03/04 season so far, spending Premier League season signings have been rising, 03/04 season, only 265 million pounds, while the 14/15 season has risen to 965 million pounds. Premier League this season, the total cost of the two windows is to reach one billion pounds, a record high. The main signings include Marshall, Stirling, within, Cech and so on. This once again proves the Premier League in football when the world first-rich position.

"The Sun": Premier League season signings investment reached 1 billion "Sun": Premier League season signings investment reached 1 billion

I must mention to Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Tottenham, Liverpool, Arsenal, represented by several wealthy, in the winter transfer window performance was quite restrained, are not expensive blockbuster signings, otherwise Premiership throwing money data will definitely continue rising terror. We can also be expected in the summer transfer market, the Premier League will how crazy the way to get people.

Today, many domestic fans like to get super hot and the Premiership transfer market comparison, can now take a look at the Premier League season signings of £ 1 billion of the total investment, which is in any case can not catch up super. This also shows that investment from the world's top super level there are still significant gaps.

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