Juventus announced the Champions League knockout list: This spell Bayern lineup how?


February 3, Juventus announced a large list of teams in the Champions League knockout stages.

List Juventus Champions League group stage with respect to a certain degree of change, Asamoah return, but Pardo and Le Mina not selected.

Beijing on February 24 and March 17 morning, Juventus will usher in the Bundesliga with Bayern Munich's two dominant knockout rounds.

Report: Juventus in the Champions League knockout stage big list

Buffon, Neto, Ao Deluo; Chiellini, Caceres, Alex - Sandro, Barzagli, Bonucci, Lu Jiani, Lichtsteiner, Evra; Khedira, Marchisio, Boge Ba, Asamoah, Stu La Perera, Hernanes; Cuadrado, Zaza, Morata, Man Zhu Qi, Dibba Pull.

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