Nani? ! Bell was actually frequent injuries because home turf

Bell frequent injuries on the pitch, Real Madrid improves alertness, they are also looking for the reason, "Why Bell always injured?"

According to the Spanish "SportYou" website, Real Madrid's Bernabeu turf speculation led to Bell's injury. Last summer, they introduced a new Milan lawn, can be regarded as the world's most advanced lawn, but inside the now Real Madrid believe that it is this lawn led Bell injury recurrence.

Previously, Bell injured many times at the Bernabeu stadium, only once in Bal de Bellas training base injured teammate Arbeloa was then kicked. Because muscle injury, Bell missed the last two matches of Real Madrid.

Real Madrid this season to enable a new lawn, a hybrid turf, natural grass on the basis of a mix of artificial grass, so lawns in favor of drainage, to avoid weakening support for the players. But now it looks, this system of muscles Bell had a negative effect. Real Madrid is currently studying Bell muscle tissue as well as lawn supportive.

Prior to Bell because of frequent muscle injury, has been banned from driving a Lamborghini sports car, studies have pointed out, Bell driving a Lamborghini is not conducive to their muscles.

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