Hit! Inter was reversed lore +2 + red defeat the conspiracy of silence after the game


In the morning the focus of a battle in Serie A, Inter Milan suffered a ball reversal of the case earlier and lore, the game also received two red cards. After the game, whether it is you or the team coach Roberto Mancini refused media interviews and did not attend the post-match press conference.

First half, Inter's first goal is one, Bu Luozuo Albion in the team very passive situation to break the deadlock, but Florence equalized the score, and completed the go-ahead in the final stages of injury time. Teles meter race China and Hole Shakespeare also sent off from the slow motion replay of view Teles yellow card collar still somewhat controversial, but the hole is entirely self-inflicted more Shakespeare in the game coming to an end he ironically applauded the referee, direct red card, Inter just suffered a defeat.

Only seven times, Inter from the top league, dropped to a fifth, lost in a direct contest with Florence, the group has four points behind rivals, AC Milan just more than 2 minutes. According to current trends, Mancini's team is likely to continue to decline, more than AC Milan, not even the seat of the EU Insurance.

One can imagine experiencing such a loss, the atmosphere within the team will be very heavy. After the game should follow the practice interview, and attended the press conference today, Mancini refused to speak to all the players are also silent and went straight back to the locker room. This is all due to depressed mood and refused to speak or intentional club is still unknown. If the club level arrangements, then do not rule out the possibility of Mancini is facing class crisis.

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