Fall God! Balotelli AC Milan Italy regret dead give up hope


This is not the first time Balotelli disheartened people encounter this situation. Balotelli this season because of their injuries and state influence, the opportunity to play a few, and each time they play almost all ended in disappointment. Down more than half of the season, Balotelli just scored a penalty in the game against Alaisangde Calabria. Yes, as long as there is now Balotelli goals accounted for, will be a great chance to get a penalty. He is now rarely seen in the penalty area, regardless of the team's overall offensive and defensive drifted outside to throw the ball every ball basically ended or long-range, you can hardly expect him for the team in the siege warfare broke camp, score.

The time to push forward, this is almost without the ball can be kicked, the performance of a play that is a disaster actually been going on for more than the two seasons. From Liverpool to AC Milan and then to AC Milan, the coach can not say that they did not give Balotelli a chance, but he responded that the performance is completely unconvincing. Memories Balotelli highlight performance on the pitch, but also a few recent Balotelli move to AC Milan for the first time since scoring goals and helping the team continued life of that half of the season. The distance to the world Balotelli really impressed that session of the European Cup, and four years later time. Balotelli now has only 25 years old, so he made her famous European Cup and Jiqiangkaida, by virtue of his status now and intransigence coach Conti, almost certainly we can not once again be seen in France for four years Pakistan before the omnipotent God.

Back to the game, Miha anger is not without trace. In fact, it is the newly appointed Mijares had personally nodded, Galliani has just brought back from Liverpool without the ball can be kicked Balotelli. Galliani then claiming it was a genius operation, AC Milan hope after his return to Italy, it is possible to get back the old state, the Italian media have said that again and again disappointing for Balotelli, this He will restore his career last chance.

Today, this situation is not willing to face AC Milan and Michal, but must also be prepared. There are 13 games last season, but after the end of the season, when the famous young Balotelli will be at least 26 years old. For many footballers, it is 26-year-old entered the peak age, and for Balotelli, he needs the last 13 games to determine their destiny after 26 years. If you come up with are still played every game status and performance, then there is no doubt that AC Milan will not exercise the right to buy in the hands of the season, the Italians will return to Liverpool. Compared to the previous two years, Liverpool have to build a big change, from Rogers became coach Klopp, Balotelli certainly woeful Liverpool, by virtue of his performance, it is difficult to have team willing to take such a hot potato. 25-year-old golden age, Balotelli is likely to fall completely deserted situation.

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