C Luo training session with teammates jokingly Messi Penalties: I try to pass

When Real Madrid players down the steps to the training ground, we laugh, Arbeloa Imagine a penalty kick Messi formula possible. Spain Antena3 television footage show:

Marcelo Arbeloa first proposed to kick this penalty: "Chris, let Arbeloa to kick."

C Luo said: "I'll pass the ball Arbeloa, let him shot."

Arbeloa joined the topic: "I am waiting for it, I'll shot."

C Luo went on to say: "Arbeloa sure shot." The Portuguese side also made his mouth when a shot fall action, apparently he is bad joke shooting ability.

Real Madrid goalkeeper Navas then chimed in: "We should turn, turn Arbeloa pass the ball passed to C Lo shot.."

Arbeloa laughed: "That thing on."

In the previous press conference, C Lo was asked Messi and Sevilla's penalty, the Portuguese riddle gives the same answer: "I know why so Leo penalty kick, but I no more say anything. now you (reporters) free rein. "

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