Barcelona coach: to lose 100 games unbeaten impact on this input led think

Barcelona will usher in the 16th round of La Liga rescheduling, they will challenge Sporting Gijon away. Before the game, Barcelona coach Enrique attended the news conference, he led the team to face his hometown team, the face of his friend for decades - Sporting Gijon coach Abelardo.

Enrique's team has 30 consecutive games without defeat, which, he said: "If the unbeaten have to end, then let it happen Morley agriculture Stadium (home to Sporting Gijon) right, but I still I hope not the end, because I'm going to look at the impact one hundred games unbeaten. "

"Preparing for this game is not difficult, I am engaged in football this work has been a long time. Many years ago, I left Sporting Gijon, I was still a child home, but I am now the head coach of Barcelona, ​​Gijón I home, but this is my job. "Enrique added.

A reporter asked Enrique, Barcelona scored if he will not be celebrating, Enrique replied:. "I have not thought about it, but I think it does not matter where I'll be if we can get to your heart tournament victory, it will be a major step leading to our goal, but not decide the league championship. "

The game, the main left-back Alba and teenager Sergio - Roberto did not travel to away, Enrique replied: "The team's lineup is now complete, we must decide five players remain in Barcelona . "

Earlier news that, due to the concert, certainly can not undertake the Bernabeu stadium King's Cup final, which, Enrique again demonstrated his talent cold humor: "In that case, I would not be able to see the players a concert. "

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