Juve lead comic dig Mars Paris Inter war front Pa will leave this summer?


This year's transfer market will change the pattern of European football once, in addition to the rotations of the head coach position, the team headed striker probably will usher in a major change.

Yesterday morning the Champions League game, a 2-1 victory over Chelsea in Paris, two strikers Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Cavani scored a goal each end game. Over the years, Ibrahimovic and Cavani two-pronged approach has become a classic landscape of Paris before the games, and the next summer, the Greater Paris will likely also lost two.

Ibrahimovic may leave more people expected. Recently, in several interviews, the Swedes have shown no small may leave. Ibrahimovic plus 34 years of age, choose to leave at this point in time, it would have been a very appropriate choice. At the same time, however, move on Cavani news began prevalent in Paris after years of career, Uruguayans may also want to re-find an environment.

Yesterday, Cavani's father, Louis - Cavani in an interview, said: "Ibrahimovic has been dominated by former Field Road in Paris, he was not used to play the wing position, so Cavani in the flank years he has been struggling in Paris. I hope he can turn back to Real Madrid, Manchester United or Juventus. Cavani in general, or happy, he is playing for one of Europe's best team, but for a long time, he could not have been their most valuable position to play, he is a born 9 players, if Paris let him play this position, then I would say that he hoped to stay here, but ...... "

Old Cavani then not come out of thin air, "slow motion" analysis said, this is a strong signal Cavani regard to the release of Paris that Cavani is not happy to be in Paris. For a long time, because of the presence of Ibrahimovic, Cavani has been forced to pull to the side, or simply enter the regular lineup. Unlike his career has entered late Ibrahimovic, Cavani just turned 29 years old, also comes when the play, the player needs a new, more suitable for their environment.

In fact, Juventus has already begun chasing Cavani plan. This summer, at Morata possible return to Real Madrid, the Juve need a reliable striker to replace him, Cavani is considered to have been the first choice. For Juventus, the biggest problem may be the player's salary. Cavani according to current contract, his salary will reach 8 million euros in 2018, which exceeds the Juventus in any player.

Paris side, leaving the team to join the Super League has Ravitch, Cavani leave once, plus basic will leave Ibrahimovic, the team's front will enter the vacuum state this summer. In this case, there is no doubt the team will be rebuilt in the frontcourt, but the first step is eyeing Inter Milan striker headed Ica Jordi. Tuoxi Er recently visited Paris, Paris with President Nasser to discuss the issue on the transfer market, the Italian media speculated on such a meeting, Ica Jordi's first name has been placed on the desktop. While individual players, the first choice is likely to Ica Jordi stronger attraction to Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​but Paris can promise a higher Argentine team status. This summer transfer war has just begun.

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