Bayern general behind Messi Penalties: It's like complaining fierce criticism tackle

On the weekend of La Liga, Messi penalty kick when no shot, but the ball onto the plug Suarez, the latter easily break. This very creative penalty in recent days triggered a broad discussion of football, Bayern midfielder Tiago on his former team-mate of Messi expressed support.

According to news, Tiago said in an interview, said: "This is part of a football match - you can show your tips, it is possible to make a fierce tackles but for those hard tackling. no one complained that the penalty if someone has a problem, they should go home. "As to whether they will play in this game, the Spain midfielder said:." I do not know, in the Bayern team in penalty kick is Mu Le and Lewandowski. If I try in the game and his teammates this penalty kick, I rushed over to complete the shot, then we might as the year that Henry and Robert Pires missed. "

In addition to Tiago, Bayern Brazilian winger Douglas - Costa also believes Messi penalty is very creative. Bayern have 11 early in the season against Leverkusen's game to try to "extraordinary Rainbow", was sparked controversy and discussion. Costa said: "I do not understand the criticism in this matter, in football you should always try new things, and a great creative Messi penalty, those people can not accept it, the most. well do not talk about it. "

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