Ancelotti warm scene reproduction! C Lo they are more willing to sacrifice their lives Zidane


Compared with the Benitez era, in the hands of Zidane, Real Madrid players running distance more, it seems, they are more willing to Zidane desperately.

Data show that in the Champions League group stage this season, Real Madrid players are running away from the field the sum of 106,686 meters, while in the Champions League 1/8 final first leg match against Roma, Real Madrid player beyond this data, the ball distance running team reached 109,027 meters. Real Madrid players on the pitch trying to force the Italian team have to work harder, Roma player for this run 114,123 meters.

Prior to running away from Real Madrid in the Champions League is the biggest game of the match Shakhtar Donetsk, according to data UEFA, Real Madrid ran out of a total of 108,015 meters. Group stage, the biggest rival Real Madrid competition first name is Paris Saint-Germain, the last two teams also qualify together. Paris Saint-Germain, two rounds of competition, Real Madrid are better than running away from the opponent, the first leg match, Real Madrid, running 107,115 m, 103,127 m running Paris, the second leg, Real Madrid running 107,145 meters, PSG running 104,138 meters.

With the change in circumstances in Rome, Zidane's team forced the opponent to run more distance. In the Real Madrid squad, Cross once again become the most spare no effort player, he's running distance of 11,416 meters, was second only to his running 10,706 meters of Modric. Rivals Real Madrid squad, running distance largest Pjanic, reaching 12,684 meters, ranking second in Perotti, reaching 12,664 meters.

Zidane Zidane hug hug
Hug hug Ancelotti Carlo Ancelotti

Rome match, Real Madrid point rate of 60%, while in Rome on Possession behind, forcing their players without the ball Real Madrid player had to follow when running. Match, Real Madrid players a total of 692 feet pass the place where the ball 622 feet, that is to say, Real Madrid's passing accuracy rate of 90%. It is worth mentioning that, in the distance the ball Real Madrid reached 407 times, 176 times short pass, long pass 39 times.

At the individual level, but also Cross outstanding performance, he received a pass from teammate 90 times, Guevara inside (21 feet) and Modric (16 feet) is fed to the club on the 8th most ball players. German Modric sent to 25 feet pass to J Lo sent 13 foot pass. Cross's passing accuracy rate of 96%, 97% after Guevara inside (76 passes in place 74 times). Cross the field the ball up 102 times, and he was running away from the pass number are on the rise, the Benitez era, Cross does not feel comfortable on the court, in the hands of Zidane, he was feeling like a duck, and full power. German manifestations contrast is a microcosm of the different manifestations of the Real Madrid team Benitez and Zidane era.

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