Football 20 big names like Macy unison: the world's second injured Messi

Messi still can not be copied by technical movements and daunting goal in re-writing history. After the last round of La Liga, Argentine goals in La Liga has reached 301, the football world in fact already bowed to the foot of the Argentine, Spain, "the daily sports newspaper" To this end the removal of a number of celebrities praised Messi Some words to express admiration for the Argentine.

Former Real Madrid and Barcelona star Luis Figo said: "For me, to see Messi play is a feast for the eyes to enjoy, like that experienced orgasm is an unbelievable feeling of joy.."

Guardiola was proud to coach Messi: "In the future I can tell my grandchildren that I was coached Messi I have never seen him as a player you do not have to talk to Messi, a good listen. listen to a small amount of words can describe Messi is enough. Do not go writing Messi, do not attempt to describe, just to see him play enough. "

Argentine football legend Valdano commented: "Messi is the best player, the second-best player is injured Messi."

Teammate Harvey said: "For me, Messi is the best player in history, he is the ability to break through the strongest, the best player in my opinion, no one can compare with Messi, he is. the world's first, and far ahead. it did not see the people blind. "

Wenger praised in 2011, said: "No one better than Messi Messi is the PS game players, those impossible, Messi can do.."

Brazilian superstar Romario said: "Newton and Einstein are some of the loneliness, and we look like them and Messi can go beyond their own day, we continue to gift beauty of football."

NBA star Steve Nash expressed: "C Lo is not doing 6000 sit-ups a day I do not care, he is always as good as Messi outstanding."

Mascherano said: "While Messi may not belong to man, but he still thinks he is human, it is a good thing."

Marshal Antic praised: "Messi is football in the Mozart."

Diego Maradona said: "Now I know which players can occupy the position, and his name is Lionel Messi he is not the same with any player, he is a leader by example.."

England star Wayne Rooney said: "Messi is a joke, he is the best player I've seen."

Argentine star Solari praise: "Every time Messi facing an opponent, will give us send entertaining extraordinary, just like in the school playground."

Barcelona coach Enrique said: "He can do some of the" Captain Tsubasa "could not see the action he is the best player in the world, including in the defense case.."

British commentator Hudson said: "They say equality in the eyes of God beings, but Messi you have to re-consider this sentence."

Capello quipped: "C Luo know English football Messi understand."

Former Barcelona coach Frank Rijkaard praised: "Messi's goal is art."

Former Barcelona coach Lula said: "Messi playing time, he seemed to do everything easy, but if you stop and think again, you will find that he is crazy."

Italian marshal Lippi said: "? Messi is definitely the best player."

Rummenigge said: "I have never seen a 19-year-old player could be so magical, even Pele and Maradona is not OK."

Argentine players Gago said: "We thank God every day become Massey Argentines."

Even Xingaoqiao Ibrahimovic can not help but praise Messi: "Messi is the real version of the video games, he is from the game's how he did it, I do not know, but he is unique, is marvelous. the nobody better than Messi, and I think it should be renamed Macy Golden Globe Award. "

Pique said: "Messi is an alien, in the C Luo strongest mortal."

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