Stared! This is not empty Guards kicked into too much difficulty,


Roma beat Palermo 5-0 in the game, the red wolf star striker Dzeko eye-catching appearance, contributing 2 goals and 2 assists in the perfect play, but this performance does not make people forget him an embarrassing moment in the game. In only two meters from the goal, the dominant actually pushed the empty missed.

That time the race to the first 28 minutes, the score is still 0-0 pitch. In an attack in Rome, Maicon on the right low cross after the point of outflanking Dzeko has been completely unguarded. But the face in front of a big empty, but kick the ball Bosnian striker launched a distal end of the bottom line. Witnessed this scene Shuangshoubaotou teammates, his face stunned, fans broke out inside a huge boos.

But perhaps not into Buddhism by incentives, and dominant in the next game arise, Scatter with bursts pass for a person made 4 goals, 5 goals led this feast.

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