2 Marriott Rooney refused to buy back the Super 2700: Mike Mussina to leave him rebuild Manchester United


In the past few days, Hao super team Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney available news in international football set off no small waves. "Mirror" reported that more than super team are looking to buy Wayne Rooney, of which there are two teams is a huge amount of submitted offer, but Rooney has rejected the terms of the two offers. In Rooney refused to offer super behind, Mourinho is one of the key figures.

Super team Hao buy Rooney, may at first seem absurd, but to see the team in the Super League after the crazy signings over the past two months of operation, it is believed that people would no longer be doubt on the news. Today, the "Mirror" revealed more inside the matter, according to the media reports, Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney and his agent Paul - Stretford over a period of time, repeatedly received the inquiry from Super League . Which teams offer 27 million pounds, intends to buy Wayne Rooney, the British media that Rooney is willing to offer 27 million pounds of the team, it is Shanghai Shenhua.

However, the super team invitation, but had ultimately been rejected. "Mirror," said Rooney rejected two lucrative offer from China. Chubby stressed that he remains loyal to Manchester United. In addition, Manchester United's Wayne Rooney to become the top scorer in team history, even the history of Manchester United's best player. Chubby has now scored 244 goals for Manchester United, ranked second scorer in the history of Manchester United. And came in first place Bobby - Charlton, total number of goals 249 balls.

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