Fried Van Gaal Manchester United 10 million pounds shall indemnify the top left him because of money?

Van Gaal when class? Manchester United almost every game in the past, this issue will be re-instituted by the British media again. According to "The Sun" reported that Manchester United if you really want to cut Van Gaal is not so simple a matter, first of all, now, Van Gaal's termination fee of 10 million pounds, followed by Manchester United executives say there is Van Gaal He hopes to lead the team fight four, for which it will not cut him.

Over the past 18 games, he made only four victories, coach Louis van Gaal at Manchester United sitting on pins and needles. From the Champions League, the Premier League title race ranks from behind, from the Champions League to six points away region, the last defeat unremarkable underdog Denmark, under the command of Van Gaal Manchester United a nice day as a day. However, Van Gaal's largest patron, Manchester United CEO Woodward also his hope, he believes that the current Van Gaal still has not lost the theory may win the Champions League, so he will not class.

Van Gaal Manchester United and so there's a deeper meaning, that is 10 million termination fee that Manchester United is now only need to cut him out of money, and if Van Gaal has been determined lost the first four theoretically possible, then this will be the surrender It will be substantially reduced. Today, the situation Moyes and Van Gaal faces same year - when Moyes contract contains a copy if you can not be led into the Champions League, it will significantly reduce the cash surrender terms.

Even though Moyes seems to have run out of ideas, but the top is still at Old Trafford until Moyes he has lost led into the Champions League after a possible theory, and only then cut him. Today, Manchester United executives seem to want to do the same thing for Van Gaal, anyway, the opportunity to comeback in the Champions League is not big, it is difficult for individuals to produce a miracle, a miracle can if Van Gaal led comeback in the Champions League, that natural is best, but If he really lost hope that led back to the Champions League, but also wish to wait until the dust settles and then pick up a cheap, easy to cut Marshal Netherlands.

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