Arsenal cry! Barca comeback only 3% probability gunmen into Champions League last 16 Lang


Champions League knockout round first leg, Arsenal at home 0-2 loss to Barcelona, ​​the Gunners qualify the situation is very dangerous. From the historical data, the possibility of reversing the cut Arsenal's only less than 3% (close to 3%). But the Gunners still have a chance, in 1984, Barcelona had a 4-2 lead in the first leg of the case was eventually overturned Metz.

In the history of the war in Europe, losing the first leg 0-2 team has 347, only nine teams eventually reversed the cut, the cut rate of less than 3% (close to 3%), after the game Wenger said Arsenal out of the 95% probability, but the probability of the reality out even more pessimistic, more than 97%. World War 2 first leg at home at least net negative ball 10 England teams never qualify, they failed to create a miracle.

Of course, Arsenal, after all, has not been fully eliminated. Maybe a data Barcelona give them some additional confidence in the war in Europe the first leg away win at least 2 goals La Liga, only two innings on the history of spending, which is a 2014 Real Betis, while the other one is Barcelona, ​​the Spanish giants have had to be overturned history. In the 1984 European Cup Winners' Cup 16 finals which Barca beat Metz 4-2 in the first leg, but in the second round of the match, Barcelona lost 1-4 at home to even the final total score is 5-6 eliminated, creating a upset.

Less than 3% probability of promotion also means that Arsenal are likely to again stop at the Champions League last 16. Over the past five seasons, Arsenal has been Barcelona, ​​Milan, Bayern Munich and Monaco team eliminated, both missed the Champions League quarterfinals. This season the first leg 0-2 after losing to Barcelona, ​​Arsenal fear once again stop at the Champions League last 16, gunmen firmly secured a great trend, "Champions League last 16 Lang," the title.

For Arsenal, despite the hope of promotion we have been very slim, but far from the gunmen to give up. Take this season's Champions League group stage, in a home loss to Olympiakos after, when almost everyone agrees that Arsenal have early exit from the Champions League, but in the end the Gunners still in the final round, staged a large reversal, thrilling qualify from the group were.

In recent years, Arsenal in the Champions League knockout among the first leg performance is not ideal, but the second round but always able to create a little suspense, bring some surprises. For example, in 2012, AC Milan, Arsenal lost the first leg 0-4, the final home win a 3-0 comeback effort. Another example in 2013, Arsenal lost 1-3 to Bayern, but won a 2-0 away last year, almost the same comeback Monaco, so for Arsenal, they have a good performance in the second round of tradition. I do not know, this time Arsenal staged a miracle in Barcelona who can?

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