Game 5 0 wins! Premier League La Liga KO was when the world has the nerve to call themselves the most?

Arsenal sits at home 0-2 defeat to Barcelona. "Daily Mail" pessimistic after the game, wrote: "Let's not lie to ourselves, Arsenal already out of the game." As the season favorite to win the Premier League, Arsenal were high hopes this can make trouble to Barcelona, ​​but in the end or total defeat. Including the Champions League and Europa League, Premier League in this season's World War did not win a playoff yet, this is undoubtedly quite embarrassing.

Specifically, the war in Europe is still a knockout Premier League campaign as well as 6, in which there is the Champions League Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester City, the European Union there are Manchester United, Liverpool and Tottenham, which basically represent the highest level of the Premier League . But since World War knockout war, the Premier League team's performance can only be described as disappointing. Champions League, Chelsea lost 1-2 away to French side Paris Saint-Germain, Arsenal at home 0-2 defeat to Barcelona.

The European Union is not satisfactory results, a surprising 1-2 defeat to Manchester United team in Jutland, Denmark. Tottenham with a 1-1 draw in Florence. Liverpool face of Augsburg has played only a 0-0. Now after playing the first leg of the five Premier League record of only two draws and three losses, but also without victory, which will undoubtedly make the Premier League a little embarrassed. Manchester City in the Premier League and now can only hope tonight's game face Dynamo Kiev in contention for the Premier League back some face.

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