Laugh spray Muller took the horn commentary says it will do its own goals in the Champions League | Fig


In the Champions League away game against Juventus, the German star Muller opened the scoring for Bayern. And this goal Bayern seems long, "anticipates", before the game they uploaded a fun video Muller.

A few hours before the game, Bayern's official Instagram account posted a video. Video Bayern players were going to practice passing, surprise, Muller took the tweeter into the stadium suddenly snatched the ball. He took the ball all the way to the front of the speaker, the keeper Wuerlaixi shot succeeded, then excitedly rushed to the sidelines shouting "the ball into!" And excited to celebrate like doing. Finally, attach the video for a while. "When all the leaders" of the text, Bayern Ins official accounts published at the time of such a video accompanied by a caption: "Juventus and Bayern Munich, Muller is ready, How about you? "

Muller took the speakers and fans celebrating Muller took the horn and fans celebrate

The whole video is very interesting, but also reflects the Mill "clown" in the status of the Bayern team. In fact, this is the Adidas do an ad, but Muller and tweeter linked Not the first time. In last season's Champions League quarter-finals Bayern 6-1 rout of FC Porto after reversal promotion race, Muller took the tweeter and Bayern fans celebrate the victory together. In the game against Juventus, although Muller missed a golden opportunity in front of, but he scored a goal.

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