Van Gaal Manchester United suspect Anpi Mussina affect a whole word to let the British media shocked


Manchester United is about to usher in Jutland and Europa League matches, since lost the first leg 1-2 away, back to the home of Manchester United stressful. In an interview before the game, Van Gaal admitted that want to win is not easy, he also pointed out that outside of his criticism and rumors Mourinho took over Manchester United players will have a negative impact.

Because of poor record led Van Gaal this season has been a lot of criticism, especially after losing to Midtjylland on Mourinho will replace Van Gaal rumor is intensified. Which Van Gaal said: "There are a lot of criticism will affect the players, but they have their own way to ignore these criticisms, not just criticism of the coach, but also to their own criticism." "The Sun" will this concerns interpreted as Van Gaal Mourinho rumors will affect the players.

And talk about the second leg battles in Jutland prospect, Van Gaal said: "For the attitude of the game, with the desire and hunger to win is a good word to describe, but more often I would use horny (slang there "lustful, lascivious," meaning) of the word. "Because the meaning is quite indecent horny, if Van Gaal also attracted reporters at the scene of laughter," daily Mail "also joked Van Gaal Manchester United kicked requirements mean "sexy football" it?

Van Gaal continued: "I know Manchester United because of status, everyone thinks in the face of Jutland, Manchester United must win but you have to analyze the opponent, when you look at the data in Jutland, they face. British team can always win. most of their players are very excited, because it would be important game of their lives. from that point on, Manchester United is not a good thing. "

Also Van Gaal also made the team's injury situation update, Degea ruled out of the game, which previously sidelined Rojo can comeback, Valencia resumed training but still can not play. Besides Jones, Jianuzhayi, Fellaini, Luke Shaw, Rooney, Schweinsteiger, Boss Vic - Jackson, who will miss the game.

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