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Messi was born in 1987, Aguero was born in 1988, almost the same age, the two of them, are also famous young genius. Since 2007, they have begun to gain a firm foothold in the Argentine national team. From a year now play Argentina team played a total of three America's Cup, and 2 World Cup. Results in the past five sessions the national contest, but had missed the final of the Argentine championship. It is, therefore, Messi, Aguero and other Argentine national team of movers who are subject to a lot of criticism of public opinion.

Aguero and Lionel Messi is Argentina superstar Lionel Messi and Aguero is Argentina superstar
Team sitting Messi, Aguero, Higuain, Mascherano, big, and has repeatedly missed the championship final, which will undoubtedly make the fans very dissatisfied. Over the past two years, Argentina has in the World Cup and the America's Cup final defeat, which is to let the fans discontent reached another high point. Some Macy's extreme fans, yet this mouth Argentina without a crown "cauldron" button in Aguero head. In their view, it is precisely because Aguero and other teammates not to force, the Argentine national team was often lost in the championship battle. But such accusations, for Aguero is fair? We may wish to analyze the data.

Messi has been selected for the Argentina national team, Pampas eagle played a total of 105 games, scoring a total of 49 goals, field goals 0.467 efficiency of the ball. Let's look at Aguero's performance in the Argentina national team, he played a total of 69 times, scoring 32 goals, averaging 0.464 ball goal efficiency. With this data, we can clearly find that Messi and Aguero in the Argentina national team's scoring efficiency is almost the same.

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