Juve Titans stepping Inter brush has a record Oscar was awarded to him


Juventus and Inter Milan's game with a 2-0 score to win, the score does not just mean Juventus can consolidate their position at the top, and also marked a record production. That is Buffon's career Serie A continuous time without conceding a goal to 746 minutes to be refreshed.

Before the game against Inter, Juve have been seven consecutive clean sheets, Buffon continuous 656 minutes zero closure opponents. Juve last eight consecutive single season without conceding a goal dates back to December 2013, is the 1972-73 season club record of nine clean sheets. In the face of the body to maintain innocence of the Inter marks Juventus will be in hot pursuit and catch up with the club history.

The game Buffon threat is not large, "the market" after the game gave him a 6.5 rating, and praised him: "His goal is no risk, but often do correct judgment in the complex situation of the area , treat the last moment Ljajic free throws very cautious. "the last stage of the game, Inter made the first shot only hit the target, Ljajic free kick caused sell Buffon, Miranda was left of cloth tip Feng obtained. With 后利亚伊奇 Zhise frontier closed area, Eder Tui fell to the ground confiscated by Buffon 9 meters in front at the legendary Paul again force Juve goal yet.

Buffon continuous row without conceding a goal in Serie A history record sixth successive clean sheet Buffon record ranked sixth in Serie A history
After this incident, Buffon Serie continuous 746 minutes without conceding a goal, create a personal record, ranked No. 6 in Serie A history, and number one is AC Milan Sebastiano Tiano - Rossi, in his 1993-94 season to create a 929 minutes without conceding a goal in Serie a record, and the record also Buffon from 183 minutes. Juventus this record is held by their legendary goalkeeper Dino - Zoff's 903 minutes, came second in the Serie A history. Juventus Serie eight consecutive clean sheets from 1972 to 1973 to create one game shy of the club record.

This season for the Bianconeri, the ups and downs of the season, although 46 years have created the worst start in franchise history, but they also created a club record 15-game winning streak and has remained to this day without conceding a goal record. 38-year-old former Juventus Buffon still standing in the door of a another line to refresh the record, look at football like him are soothing goalkeeper really small.

Buffon is Juve's Buffon is Juventus Oscar winner Oscar winner
Beijing this morning, the feast Oscars film session is in full swing in progress, but no doubt Juventus statuette awarded to Buffon. After the game on social media I think Buffon is Juve deserved Oscar winner, and victory thanks to Buffon yet to break the deadlock Bonucci, he wrote on Twitter: "Our leo (Bonucci name as Leonardo) took the Oscar performance, and now look at the other Leonardo. "

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